The Active Lives Trainers

Matt Lingley

My name is Matt, I am a personal trainer and coach that offers a different to approach to gym-based personal training:

I strongly believe that physical activity is an essential part of total wellbeing, and I am passionate about helping people find enjoyable ways of incorporating activity into their daily lives. My purpose in life is to help others improve their mental and physical health.

I will help you work towards improving your mobility, coordination, body strength and boosting your confidence.  I do this by selecting challenging and fun exercises and programmes to develop greater body awareness and body control.

I believe whatever physical limitations we may have, a sense of physical well-being is fundamental to our mental and emotional wellbeing. Therefore, our pursuit in physical fitness should not damage our self-confidence and self-esteem. Real motivation to keep going comes from the buzz of feeling great and believing you ‘can’.

I do not believe in the “No pain, no gain” pursuit of an unhealthy obsession with body image.

I aim to work with you to identify the realistic changes you can make to your lifestyle that will include a daily exercise routine and a healthy diet, both of which you should enjoy. I will then work with you, as long as it takes, to ensure that you make step-by-step progress that can be sustained in the long term.

Dr Sally Pears

From a very early age it became apparent that my abilities were academic in nature, and that when it came to sport or athletic ability, I was really the ‘dunce’ of the class. As I grew up, the shame I felt at always being picked last for team sports and for being unable to perform a handstand or climb a rope like my classmates, led me to participate less and less in physical activity of any kind and I came to think of myself as not being the ‘sporty’ type.

By the age of 20 I was overweight, lacking in energy and I disliked exercise of any kind. However, that all changed when I started training in the martial art Taekwondo –  I soon came to enjoy the activity that encouraged individual development and progression, rather than absolute levels of achievement. I also began to realize that I actually did enjoy exercise, that it gave me more energy and, surprisingly, more confidence in all areas of my life. Over time I came to enjoy and appreciate other forms of activity (even team sports!), and I also made other lifestyle changes, such as drinking more water, eating more fruit and vegetables and less processed food.

At the time all these changes in my lifestyle habits were happening I was doing a PhD in Psychology and I decided that I wanted to continue with my career in research in the field of Health Promotion. However, I soon realised that although I found research interesting (and still do), I didn’t find the work I did from day to day especially rewarding – I didn’t want to be the person evaluating whether a particular intervention, approach or technique helped somebody live a healthier life, I wanted to be out there working with people….

….now, nearly 13 years on from that first Taekwondo class, I’m a fully qualified personal trainer, specializing in lifestyle behaviour change, and dedicated to helping people make permanent changes to their lifestyle habits, and improving their health and wellbeing.