Healthy Eating & Movement

Healthy Eating

We don’t claim to be dieticians, but we are confident that all the evidence shows that fad diets aimed at short-term weight-loss very rarely work in the longer term.

Its far better to establish a healthy attitude to food based on a varied and well-balanced diet that you enjoy and therefore can keep to in the longer term, without feeling deprived or the desire to revert to previous eating habits.

With that in mind, why not come along to one of our 5 week Healthy Lifestyle Courses:


“Movement is the sum of all the possible angles and configurations our machines can produces.”

We will help you to develop your own sense of your:

Exploration and experimentation of how you move

Capacity and resilience

Mastery and skill

Play & joy in moving and being active

Our whole approach is that it is far healthier to establish a habit of being physically active throughout the day than trying to achieve unrealistic goals via intense, “no pain, no gain”, workouts.

Whilst we encourage being generally far more active – standing rather than sitting, walking rather than driving; using stairs rather than lifts, etc., etc., our service is centred on providing a range of enjoyable ‘exercise’ sessions that both improve your physical fitness in a way that are both enjoyable and motivating.