Personal Training Sessions:

  • £30 for 1 x 60 minute session
  • £20 for 1 x 30 minute session 
  • Habit Builder’ Package: £90 for 5 x 30 minute sessions per week

It can be difficult to find an hour in the day to devote to exercise, especially when you factor in time travelling, getting changed, etc. Furthermore, finding the energy or will to do an hour of exercise can also be a significant challenge for many of us, especially before or after your working day.

So, for people who are struggling to make exercise a regular (and permanent) feature in their lives, finding 30 minutes 2-4 times a week is often much easier than finding a whole hour. Not to mention the fact that shorter, more frequent sessions may be more effective than longer, less frequent sessions at improving your heart health and blood sugar.

Few of us these days have the luxury of ‘finding’ time for exercise – we usually have to ‘make’ time. But making time for exercise can be a difficult habit to build, hence why I offer the ‘habit builder’ weekly package – it’s a great way to really give your fitness a boost and build the habit of committing to finding 30 minutes on four days per week to be physically active.


Location: Personal training locations are flexible – I usually train from a small center in Cherry Hinton. I also offer home-based training sessions and outdoor park-based sessions (although I more often recommend the former).

To make the maximum use of our time in the first session, it would be helpful if you could print off and complete the following forms:

  1. Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
  2. An Intake Questionnaire